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Snaptik is the perfect app for creating and sharing short-form videos, but did you know it's also a great way to discover new music? With the app's built-in music library, you can find and add songs to your video creations with just a few taps. And if you're looking for even more music to listen to, Snaptik offers curated playlists that are perfect for any mood or occasion.

But what about when you're not creating videos? That's where the Samsung Music Player comes in. This powerful app lets you easily manage and play all of your music files right from your Samsung device. With features like customizable playlists and a powerful equalizer, you can enjoy your music just the way you like it.

And the best part? Snaptik and the Samsung Music Player work seamlessly together. With just a few simple steps, you can easily transfer the songs you discover on Snaptik to your Samsung Music Player library. So whether you're creating videos or just jamming out, Snaptik and the Samsung Music Player have got you covered.

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